Taxi Licensing Solicitors in Leicester

For_hireIf you work in the taxi and private hire sector your livelihood will be dependent upon obtaining and keeping the license issued by your local authority. Our business defence solicitors are experts with Taxi Licensing in Leicester, Harborough, Hinckley & Bosworth and Leicestershire.

Your license could be at risk of suspension or revocation following an enforcement team spot-check, complaint from a member of the public, or conviction for a road traffic or any other type of criminal offence.

If your Hackney Carriage, Private Hire or Operators license is at risk Josiah Hincks Business Defence can provide advice and representation in the follows circumstances:

  • Cautioned interview with the local authority or the police
  • Taxi Licensing committees
  • Appealing a licensing decision to the Magistrates court
  • Road Traffic offences

It may be that your license is at risk following an allegation that you have committed a road traffic offence. If this is the case our taxi licensing solicitors in Leicester can provide seamless representation across both sets of proceedings.