Tied Pubs Landlord Fends Off Anti-Competitive Lease Complaint

Agreements or practices that prevent, restrict or distort fair competition are void and unenforceable. That principle came under analysis in a guideline case concerning a lease which required publicans to purchase beers and other drinks from a single supplier, nominated by their landlord. The landlord owned upwards of 5,000 tied pubs around the country. Publicans,[…]

Haggis Maker’s Lawyers Weigh In to Shut Down Confusing Website

Many Internet retailers endure the frustration of seeing potential customers diverted to unconnected websites with confusingly similar names. As a case concerning a Scottish haggis manufacturer showed, however, resolving such issues is all in a day’s work for an intellectual property lawyer. Since it was established in the 1950s, the manufacturer had established a worldwide[…]