New ‘Vento’ Bands

The Presidents of the Employment Tribunals in England & Wales and Scotland have issued a joint Second Addendum, updating earlier Presidential Guidance issued on 5 September 2017, announcing the rates payable for the three bands that are used by Employment Tribunals when assessing the amount of compensation payable for injury to feelings in discrimination and[…]

High Court Enforces Partnership Agreement Non-Compete Clause

Validly restricting the post-termination conduct of employees and partners involves striking a careful balance between business protection and personal freedom, and that is why professional drafting is indispensable. An instructive case on point concerned a partner in a professional services firm who was banned from joining a competitor for six months following his retirement. After[…]

Inventions Must Be Genuinely Innovative to Benefit from Patent Protection

Patents are designed to encourage innovation and are effectively state-sponsored bargains which confer time-limited monopoly rights on inventors. As an important Supreme Court ruling made clear, however, such rights are restricted to ideas and products that are genuinely innovative. The case concerned a pharmaceutical company’s patent in respect of a method by which a drug[…]