Consultation on Boosting Protection for Pregnant Women and New Parents Returning to Work

The Government has published a consultation paper on its plans to enhance protection from redundancy for pregnant women and new parents returning to work. This follows a recommendation in the 2017 Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices and conclusions of the Women and Equalities Select Committee put forward in its report on pregnancy and maternity[…]

Building a Brand Without Trade Mark Protection Can Be a Fool’s Errand

Fortunes spent on establishing successful brands would be largely pointless without trade mark protection and, as a High Court case showed, that is why professional advice from an intellectual property expert represents a sound investment. The case concerned a company that provided psychiatry and mental health training courses. It was the exclusive licensee of UK[…]

Vegan Brownies Are ‘Cakes’ and Zero-Rated for VAT Tribunal Rules

In an increasingly health-conscious world, eating habits have changed dramatically and the First-tier Tribunal (FTT) took that into account in ruling that an egg-, dairy- and gluten-free brownie should be classified as a cake for VAT purposes. The ruling entitled the product’s manufacturer to a tax rebate totalling more than £300,000. The manufacturer paid VAT[…]

Why Do Employment Contracts Need Professional Drafting? Read This!

Non-solicitation and non-compete covenants in employment contracts impinge on workers’ personal freedoms and, as a High Court case showed, examples that are unclear or too broad in their effect are highly likely to be declared unenforceable. That is one very good reason why professional drafting is indispensable. The case concerned an employee who resigned from[…]