Online Versions of Newspapers Not Exempt from VAT

Newspapers have always been free from VAT due to their importance in spreading public knowledge, aiding literacy and furthering the democratic process. However, in an important test case, a tribunal has ruled that the exemption does not extend to digital editions that are published online. The publisher of a number of national newspaper titles had[…]

Auto-Enrolment – Increase in Minimum Required Contribution Levels

Employers are reminded that the minimum required contribution levels to auto-enrolment pension schemes or qualifying workplace pension schemes (based on a worker’s ‘qualifying earnings’) increase from 6 April 2018. From that date, the employer minimum contribution rate will be 2 per cent and the staff minimum contribution rate will be 3 per cent. There will[…]

Harassment is More than Just Annoyance

Ease of digital communication has led to an increased threat of harassment. As one High Court case shows, however, the human right to freedom of expression is always at the forefront of judges’ minds when dealing with such complaints. In the midst of a bitter family dispute, a businessman launched proceedings against his brother on[…]