Reclassification of Formaldehyde for professional use only

Defra have recetlly issued a press release regarding the reclassification of formaldehyde which will have both financial and health and safety implications for farms using formaldehyde within their foot-bathing programme. As of the 1st January 2016 formalin will become a Category 1B carcinogen, a chemical known or presumed to increase incidences of cancer. This will[…]

Guidance on Recruiting and Retaining Transgender Employees

The Government has published guidance, produced in partnership with Inclusive Employers, a membership organisation for employers looking to build inclusive workplaces, designed to provide employers with practical advice, suggestions and ideas on the recruitment and retention of transgender employees and potential employees. It is also a useful guide for the managers of trans staff and for[…]

Chip Shop Owner 1, Tax Authorities 0

Every business owner should know that lax bookkeeping can land you in deep water with the tax authorities. However, in one case, a chip shop proprietor argued that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) got its sums wrong and succeeded in overturning back-tax demands and penalties totalling more than £50,000. The man had been in the[…]