Airline Pension Scheme Deficit Triggers High Court Battle

Many of Britain’s largest occupational pension schemes are burdened by crushing deficits and that provided the backdrop to a High Court case which exposed the rising tension between an international airline, its former employees and independent trustees who represent the latter’s interests. The airline’s pension scheme was in deficit to the tune of about £680[…]

Government Investigation into Tipping

The Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, has launched an investigation into abuse of tipping, as part of the Government’s initiative to make sure workers are paid fairly. The announcement follows recent media reports that some major restaurant chains are withholding a proportion of the money left by customers for waiting staff in order to cover administrative[…]

Estate of Deceased Nightclub Boss Sees Off Fraud Allegations

Company directors should be aware that the consequences of business malpractice can be visited on their heirs after their deaths. However, in one case, the estate of a deceased nightclub boss has defeated claims that he fraudulently misappropriated its takings to fund his high-spending lifestyle and other business interests. The businessman’s estate faced High Court[…]