Cambridge University Triumphs in VAT Test Case

In a case of significance to charities and the investment community, the University of Cambridge has won the right to reclaim a substantial proportion of the VAT it paid to fund managers who oversaw the deployment of its £1 billion investment portfolio. Although the university is a charity and its provision of education is exempt[…]

Musicians Score Crucial ‘Private Use’ Copyright Victory

In a landmark victory for music industry organisations which will resound throughout Europe, the High Court has declared unlawful the Government’s decision to create an exception to copyright protection based upon personal private use. The organisations objected when the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills decided to introduce a new section to the[…]

Insurer Can’t Pass the Buck for PPI Mis-Selling

Frequent restructuring and transfers of liabilities within the insurance industry can make it hard to discern where legal responsibility for payment protection insurance (PPI) mis-selling should lie. However, in one case, the High Court has ruled that the financial burden must fall on the company which originally sold the policies. Company A had marketed the[…]